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Thread: Screen Name identification in Double Monitors

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    Default Screen Name identification in Double Monitors

    Hello Gents,

    First Question:
    I have a double monitor project, i am opening same screens and frames in the startup so two monitors are clones and after project start it gives me flexibility of having different screens.
    I am getting the picture name from my "frame_workspace" and using it for renaming my pdf printouts. However it is working just for first monitor! Even i call the function in second monitor it is always returning the name of picture in first monitor not second.

    Second Question:
    For coloring screen switch buttons (screen menus) --to see which picture is open-- i was using system active variables(with internal variables). However now i have two identical monitors, so i cannot show which screen is open in which monitor. Do you have any ideas about a new method?
    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Screen Name identification in Double Monitors


    I'm not sure about your first question. Have you looked at the property "MonitorId" and "Online" ?

    Best regards,

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