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Thread: Message sending via function

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    Hello Everybody

    I am having multiple bool variable.if any one bool variables goes to false then message
    will sent to user via outlook.One message will sent to user if one bool variable goes to false if multiple variable false then multiple message will sent to user.I would like to send only one message to user if one or multiple variable goes to false and also i would like to mention false variable name in that message.

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    Is it possible?

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    Hi sidramsatyal,

    For the first part, you would have to group your alarms, e.g. using an alarm group, and link an internal variable to this group.

    Then link the function to send the message to the variable defined at the alarm group.

    You do not have the information available which variables within this group have active alarms.

    However you could include the values of all the variables in this group, in the message text, if that is of any help.

    Best regards,

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    martins Gast

    Default AW: Message sending via function


    if you want to use VBA, you could eventually use the VariableBulkChange event and use this one to trigger the Send Message function eventually. There, you need to modify the message text as well (using the event OnMessageCreated) - I never tried this, but I guess it should work.

    best regards,

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