When I try to install zenOn 6.22 SP0 on a PC with Windows XP, 4GB of RAM, and a special hardware configuration, the setup stops at approx. 90% and the 'system' process shows up in the taskmanager with 100% CPU usage. (50% on dual or quad core CPUs) After this the PC is not operating correctly anymore, not even after a reboot. A network connection is not possible anymore, USB hardware is not recognized etc. etc.

During the installation of the zenOn editor or the zenOn runtime of the version 6.22 SP0, the STRATONRTK is registered. On some PCs with 4 GB of RAM, and a special hardware configuration, registering the STRATONRTK my lead to a deadlock, leaving the system in an inoperable state.

To bring the system back to a normal state, reboot the PC (hard shut down) and during boot, press F8 multiple times until you see the boot-menu of windows. Select 'safe-mode' and start Windows. Open a command prompt (Press Start-> choose 'Run', type in "cmd.exe" and press enter or choose OK) and change to the directory where zenOn is installed. (typically c:\program files\COPA-DATA\zenOn622 (type in: 'CD\c:\program files\copa-data\zenOn6.22' and press enter))

Now type in: 'STRATONRTKVM -unregsrv' and press enter. (If you execute this command a second time, you will receive a message, stating that the STRATONRTKVM is not registered. )

Close the command prompt, then shutdown the PC from safe mode, and reboot to windows in normal mode (no need to do anything in the boot-menu).

After booting into normal mode again, the 'system' process should not use 100% CPU load anymore and everything should be working like it was before.

Now uninstall zenOn 6.22 SP0 from the control panel and re-install zenOn 6.22 SP0 from a new DVD where the setup_ed.exe has a date of 10th March 2008 or later. You can obtain a new DVD by simply writing an e-mail to: sales@copadata.at

All new zenOn 6.22 SP0 DVDs should have a date equal or later than the 10th of March 2008 and do not have this issue. You can check your DVD by simply checking the date of the file "setup_ed.exe" or the "setup_rt.exe" in the \Setup directory of your DVD.

If you are not sure about your installation or the DVD you have, please feel free to contact: support@copadata.at