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    Hi, I'd like to implement a swipe card reader into our system. I'd like the operators to login using their own card. I can write the code in VSTA to read the code on the card. Is it possible to automatically login the user using VSTA? If I have a SQL database with login and password for each swipe card, then maybe I can log them in?


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    Hi Denis,

    Yes, there are several possibilities.

    One option assumes that the swipe card reader can be matched to a zenon user that already exists. You can configure a function "login without password" where a string variable of the intern driver set to "local" defines the user name. Then after reading the swipe card reader you can write the string variable with the corresponding user name, and then execute the function to login the user.

    When you have a system (e.g. SQL database) where you can check the validity of the swipe card before logging in the zenon user, you can prevent e.g. login of a user who's swipe card has expired or has been disabled.

    Another option could be to dynamically create a user for each swipe card via the programming interface in VSTA and login that user.

    Best regards,

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    Is it possible to do a "login without password" for a AD user?

    I'm looking to do the same function with a NFC card and the NFC ID is stored in the users AD profile.
    So when i get the ID from the NFC-tag i query the LDAP and get the user this card is registered to and then log that user into Zenon.

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