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Thread: External IEC 60850 variables names not recognised in ZenonLogic

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    Frage External IEC 60850 variables names not recognised in ZenonLogic


    I've made externally visible several IEC 60850 variables so that I can do some data type conversions in ZenonLogic. These will then be allocated to IEC 60870 variables.

    The problem is although the variables are visible in ZenonLogic and values visible in runtime, I'm unable to use them within any program blocks FDB, IL, etc. I'm assuming that the problem is that the variable naming convention for 61850 variables do not comply with the IEC 61131-3 standard. Is it possible to use external 61850 variables in ZenonLogic or am I just missing something obvious here?

    I'm using version 7.00 SP0 build 2 of Zenon.

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