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Thread: How to start and stop driver simulation project from runtime?

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    Default How to start and stop driver simulation project from runtime?

    Hello, colleagues
    In Editor there are 4 modes for driver configuration. I used driver for IEC60870-104 protocol. I use Straton for driver simulation project and in driver configuration I select mode “Simulation-programmed” for this case.
    It work well. But I want to switch in “Simulation-programmed” mode from Runtime.

    I set “Hardware” mode for driver in Editor and started Runtime. Can I switch driver to “Simulation-programmed” in Runtime? I tried to send function “Driver command -> driver in simulation mode” but Straton simulation project didn’t work after sending this command. And I couldn’t connect Straton to Runtime that debug my project. Can you say in which mode this function switch driver?

    I use v7.00 build 5.

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    Default Re: How to start and stop driver simulation project from runtime?

    Hello Altera,

    Could you explain a bit more why you would like to switch the driver to simulation programmed?

    The "runtime simulation" is available as an optional module.

    This switches the complete runtime into simulation mode. The values of all variables for all drivers are retrieved and saved, then the runtime is automatically restarted in simulation mode and the drivers all run in programmed simulation.

    The values in the runtime will be exactly the values from the previous state with PLC communication. You can choose to also include the alarms and events, and the historian data in the simulation mode.

    Any alarms that are generated, or events that occur, or entries that are made in the historian, etc. while the runtime is in simulation mode, do not affect the real data.

    When you are done with the simulation, you can optionally save your simulation image and switch back to hardware mode.

    Currently switching a specific driver to simulation programmed in the runtime is only possible through a workaround. When you do this, any value changes made in the simulation will appear in the runtime as real values, and e.g. will generate alarms. Also the simulation programmed with this workaround, will not initialize with the current values in the runtime, but either with "0" values, or with the pre-defined values you specify in the zenon logic project for the programmed simulation.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: How to start and stop driver simulation project from runtime?

    Hello Mark

    We develop an educational stand for training of the service peoples of high voltage substations. We use Straton for simulation of switching devices on substation. But also in the stand there are real equipments. Therefore it would be good to have opportunity switching from work with the real equipment for work on a simulator in Runtime.
    Can you explain what a workaround way to do this switching is?
    Switching in Editor is not a good for customers :-(

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    Default Re: How to start and stop driver simulation project from runtime?

    Hi Altera,

    The module "runtime simulation" to me seems exactly the right solution for this case, no changes in the editor are required. I would definitely suggest having a look at it!

    The workaround is to configure the driver to simulation programmed. When HW communication is required, use the driver function to switch to hardware mode. Then when simulation programmed is required again, stop the driver and start the driver again using the driver functions.

    Best regards,

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