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Thread: Profibus FMS Configuration Help

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    Default Profibus FMS Configuration Help

    I have to set up communication to Siprotec devices via Profibus FMS.
    Simatic CP 5613 card is installed. Simatic NET PC Software is also installed. Communication DIGSI<>Siprtotec via FMS is OK.

    To set up FMS communication in Zenon/Sicam230 a configuration file "FMS_NT_FMS with PC card from Siemens.txt" is required. How to create that file? What is the structure of the file? Can you post a sample project with FMS communication?

    Thank You!
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    Default Re: Profibus FMS Configuration Help

    Hello Margaritov,

    the "FMS_NT_FMS with PC card from Siemens.txt" includes all settings which are made within that driver. It will be created automatically.

    The button below is more important. There you have to import the OV file which can be uploaded from your PLC. (*.ovd)

    Hope the sent Information is helpful for you.

    Kind regards,

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    Default Re: Profibus FMS Configuration Help

    Thank You, Daniela!
    Your information help me.

    Now I have another problem. How to address information in Siprotec device with "FMS with PC card from Siemens" driver?

    I exported "System interface" from DIGSI. (see attached file XML_Export.bmp). For example I want to read "Error 5V". How to address a variable to read that information?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails XML_Export.jpg   adr.jpg  
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