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Thread: Backnet driver

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    Hi all,

    Regarding Backnet driver, (zen 7.10)

    while communicate with device via backnet driver,
    the communicate is not working after several hours.
    but connection is ok.

    important thing is that it could not recommunicate.
    it may lose a communicate between both.

    so, how to set a driver (polling type) to variables

    i wanna check a communication them on polling.

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    which Bacnet Driver is in use the Bacnet32 or the BacnetNG?
    What does the Diagnosis Viewer(DiagViewer.exe) tells you are there any Errors logged?

    What device (plc) the Driver communicates to, is this plc supported? -> Check the Driver Doku in the online help (F1)!

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    Can Someone tell me how many datapoints can be in one BacnetNG driver?

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