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Thread: Reset multiple BOOL tags

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    Default Reset multiple BOOL tags


    I use zenon v7.00 SP0.
    i have the following problem. I have 5 groups of BOOL tags. There are 5 BOOL tags in each group. There names are:
    Group 1
    - PP01_Alm_Alarm1
    - PP01_Alm_Alarm2
    - PP01_Alm_Alarm3
    - PP01_Alm_Alarm4
    - PP01_Alm_Alarm5

    Group 2
    - PP02_Alm_Alarm1
    - PP02_Alm_Alarm2
    - PP02_Alm_Alarm3
    - PP02_Alm_Alarm4
    - PP02_Alm_Alarm5

    etc - you see the idea.

    I want to clear whole 5 tags (in one group) by pressing a button.
    To do that I create 5 functions (Write set value type) each function clears one of the tags - for example PP01_Alm_Alarm1.
    Next I include all 5 function in a script and prepare a function which call the script.
    At the end I configure the function (which call the script) to a button.

    With "Replace links" functionality I thought I could replace tag portion and to do the functionality.
    I was surprised that I can see only the function name of the function calling the script.
    I could not imagine that I have to create full set of functions for each group (these are about 30 functions and 5 scripts)?!?!

    Is there any other solution?

    best regards,

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    Default Re: Reset multiple BOOL tags

    in this case "Replace indices" would fit better I suppose.
    Check the online help (F1), look out for the following section.
    Manual -> Screens -> Edit screen element -> Replacing linking of variables and functions -> Replacing indexes

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    Default Re: Reset multiple BOOL tags

    Hi yolovs,

    You could also look at resetting the tags using a standard recipe, or a recipe from the recipe group manager. This way, you would only need one function that can be easily replaced.


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