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Thread: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

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    Frage [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    Hi everybody.

    We installed Zenon 7.10 SPO, on Windows 7 SP1 64b : product Editor, License Supervisor.

    An error occurs everytime we want to launch the application (Zenon Editor 64b, but 32b does the same).

    A little popup "Zenone32" with the message "Error: 100" appears.

    This message is not very clear...

    I rebooted the PC between each step. I have disabled anti-virus and firewall during installation. I cleaned the registry. Windows is up to date and all drivers.

    We tried on 2 different PC...

    Do you have any suggestion what we can do ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    I believe to have heard something in conjunction with the language set.
    Could be that the language file set is not available, check this.

    Check the zenon6.ini file for the setting:

    What is set there?

    With a value e.g. "German" you need to have a language file "EGERMA32.dll" in your zenon installation path.


    Now I found the other Thread and what I meant was with the Error: 101
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    Default Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    It seems to be the following:

    Error 100:
    Comes on PCs and is as I described in my previous post.

    Error 101:
    Comes on Windows CE devices and is described in this Thread.

    The language files are different on this systems!

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    Default Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    Thank you very much for your help, Wolfgangm.

    We'll try it, and I'll keep you informed.

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    Daumen hoch Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100 [Solved]

    We just replaced one word in the "zenon6.ini" file and all is OK now :

    Thank you again !

    Our problem is [Solved].

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    Default Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    I'm having this problem on 8.2.
    Finally found zenon6.ini in: C:\ProgramData\COPA-DATA\System
    Took a copy of the file and modified the following:


    This was an attempt at doing the same as suggested in this thread but same problem.
    Any other ideas? Thanks!

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    Default Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    Solution discovered:
    The Web Client is registered by default rather than zenon 8.2. Go to the startup tool, select zenon 8.2 and press the register button and then it starts correctly.

    Hope this proves useful to another newbe like myself!...

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    Default Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    Hi AutoSofty.

    Good to hear you made it work!
    Thanks for sharing your solution with the other users in this forum. 

    Best Regards,

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