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Thread: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

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    Hi everybody.

    We installed Zenon 7.10 SPO, on Windows 7 SP1 64b : product Editor, License Supervisor.

    An error occurs everytime we want to launch the application (Zenon Editor 64b, but 32b does the same).

    A little popup "Zenone32" with the message "Error: 100" appears.

    This message is not very clear...

    I rebooted the PC between each step. I have disabled anti-virus and firewall during installation. I cleaned the registry. Windows is up to date and all drivers.

    We tried on 2 different PC...

    Do you have any suggestion what we can do ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    I believe to have heard something in conjunction with the language set.
    Could be that the language file set is not available, check this.

    Check the zenon6.ini file for the setting:

    What is set there?

    With a value e.g. "German" you need to have a language file "EGERMA32.dll" in your zenon installation path.


    Now I found the other Thread and what I meant was with the Error: 101
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    It seems to be the following:

    Error 100:
    Comes on PCs and is as I described in my previous post.

    Error 101:
    Comes on Windows CE devices and is described in this Thread.

    The language files are different on this systems!

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    Default Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100

    Thank you very much for your help, Wolfgangm.

    We'll try it, and I'll keep you informed.

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    Daumen hoch Re: [Zenone 7.10] Zenone32 / Error: 100 [Solved]

    We just replaced one word in the "zenon6.ini" file and all is OK now :

    Thank you again !

    Our problem is [Solved].

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