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    Dear All,

    I am SCADA engineer who is new in zenon. Now I am using zenon v7.00 SP0 in demo mode.
    I have a question related to Automatic Line Coloring (ALC).
    I prepare some test picture where I experiment with ALC features. I have a few questions.

    My first question relate to "transformer" function type. In the documentation related to procedural elements, a "transformer" should exist. Into the ALC function type there is no "transformer" but the following:
    - drain
    - link
    - source
    - switch
    - terminator
    - valve

    There is big discrepancy between the help and the real world and this is not only here.
    As a new user I have to greatly relay on the help. It is quite frustrating especially when you can not figure out which is where, because of not update help system.

    So what is "terminator" function type? Where is the "transformer"?

    My second question related to grounding symbol. How it is the best way to express it?
    I feel that it was good idea to make it as source. If there is a grounding, the color should display it. If I use "source", I have to specify s variable. If I do not, the grounding symbol (combined element) will not be displayed in runtime.
    So how to make grounding symbol which is colored in the same time?
    What is the good practice about that?

    Best regards,
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    the "Transformer" is only available with a zenon Energy Edition.

    Check out the zenon Energy Edition Demo, there you should find proposals how to express it best.
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    Many thanks for the directions.


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