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Thread: Editing structure datatype

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    Default Editing structure datatype

    Dear Sirs,

    I need explanations regarding behavior of structure datatype
    I have created structure datatype, named Info, which got only one structured element named "label".
    Next I created to variables of type Info - named G2 and G3.
    Next I add another structure element named "status" to structure type "Info".
    When I look at variable list, "status" was added to G2 and G3, but they was gray. When I select it, nothing appears into properties window.
    in the other way, when I create new variable of type "Info", named G4, the "status" item was presented, and was able to edit its properties.

    I have the following questions:
    - if I change the structure datatype, is there any way to update ALREADY created structure variable?
    - if I change the structure datatype, should I delete all variable of the same datatype, and recreate them again (by the way I copy the G2 & G3 variables in clipboard, edit the structure datatype, past the variable again - this do not solve the problem)?
    - what is the recommended editing procedure when it comes to user-defined structure datatype?

    Best regards,
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    have you checked out the Online Help (F1) regarding Structure Data Types?
    Manual -> Variables -> Datatypes -> Types of data types -> Structure data types

    There you find all around Creating/Changing/Moving and Deleting structure datatypes.
    There you will find some "Attention" boxes which are very important to consider!

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    Default Re: Editing structure datatype

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the update. I looked everywhere but not in the beginning of the variable manual.


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