When I insert the zenOn 6.22 DVD on my Windows Vista machine, a message appears "prepare this blank disc", and no data is shown on the disc. However the DVD can be read on another PC perfectly fine!

The DVD drive itself on my Windows Vista PC is working, because it plays movie-DVDs. Also with Windows XP on the same machine, the DVD can be read perfectly fine!
Many posts in several other forums can be found on this topic. Two possible solutions exist:

- In the registry editor, set the value for Autorun = 1. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servi ces\cdrom)

- in the device manager (right click on "computer" in windows explorer and choose "manage" then select "device manager") select the DVD drive and choose "uninstall" from the context menu. (make sure you close all explorer windows, which access the DVD drive first) After the uninstall is complete, select from the context menu "scan for hardware changes", the DVD drive should be installed automatically again, and now the DVD can be correctly read.