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Thread: S7TCP Driver IP Address

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    Lächeln S7TCP Driver IP Address


    Is there a Driver Variable or other means to display the Driver's (Primary) IP Address?

    Thank you

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    there is no driver variable which offers the IP Address.
    But some driver have a configuration textfile where the setting is stored, there it could be taken from.

    Depending on the driver you use, check if there is a textfile added to the zenon project. This file can be found in a zenon project under Files -> driver and is also in the runtime available. The S7TCP driver creates such a textfile as far as I know!

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    Rotes Gesicht Re: S7TCP Driver IP Address

    I want to connection logo PLC to zenon, Can I ? I could connection between S7-300 and zenon, but about Logo I don't know,,
    Could you help me?

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