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Thread: WPF with .Net

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    Default WPF with .Net

    Can zenOn handle WPF controls that have .Net code attached with them? All the example controls on the COPA-DATA website are XAML only. The WPF examples I've found on the internet compile into an executable. Can zenOn use these?


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    Hi Denis,

    Yes, also .NET WPF user controls that use additional assemblies can be used. Further WPF examples may be available to you on the COPA-DATA website through the partner program.

    Please also ee the zenon online help for more information (Manual -> Screens -> Screen elements -> WPF-Element ).

    You would normally package your .xaml file, any additional required resources, and your assemblies into a .CDWPF file, and insert this file into your project in the editor.

    zenon will take care of extracting this file, and place the XAML and the assemblies in the correct folders.

    Best regards,

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