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Thread: Multiple monitors

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    One of application we are working on, requires 2 monitors connected to a PC running zenOn.
    First monitor is normal PC monitor used by SCADA operator for setting & operations. 2nd monitor is big size monitor mounted on roof to continuously display line status. Both these monitors are to be driven from zenOn with different screen display content. A VGA card can be put in the PC to connect this 2nd monitor. The questions I have in this case are,
    1] if above scheme is possible using monitor configuration in zenOn.
    2] What is the diffrence between difference between Virtual monitor & Monitor?
    3] How to achive display of seperate picture on both these monitors
    4] Any better option to adding a extra VGA card in PC ?


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    The zenOn monitor administration is based on the windows configuration.

    Normally, both physical monitors have the same resolution, so in this case you have one size for your templates and can display pictures either on the left or the right monitor.

    So if you have 2 monitors in Windows, with a resoltion of 1024 x 768 each, your total screen resolution would be twice this size (2048 x 768). Your template size would still remain 1024x768.

    Usually multiple monitors are connected using double-head or quad-head graphic cards, however multiple single graphic cards work as well.

    You display pictures in a virtual monitor, which can be assigned a real hardware monitor.

    To initialize the correct settings for the multi-monitor, some zenOn6.ini settings have to be made.

    As soon as you have multiple real- and virtual monitors configured, you get a combo-box at the picture switch function, where the monitor can be selected on which the picture should be displayed.

    This and more information can be found in the documentation on the monitor administration.

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    Is it possible to configure monitors with dis-similar resolution

    In this case one of monitor is std. 19" PC monitor with resolution of 1200x800 & the second monitor is big size 47" display with resolution of 1920 x1080.
    Please inform how to configure template resolution for this & what kind of entries are required in zenOn6.ini


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    Yes it is possible, to have two monitors with unequal screen resolution as well. However in this case special settings need to be made regarding templates, and the monitor administration.

    Also, care has to be taken regarding 4:3 and 16:3 format.

    "Adjust screen resolution" must be deactivated under circumstances, and the screen-size in the monitor administration must be set as large as the largest screen resolution. You must create your templates, and the pictures for both screens in this case. A picture in a template of the large screen will be cut off, when displayed on the smaller screen.

    A picture in a template for the small screen, will not utilize the whole screen size of the larger screen.

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    I can't seem to find zenOn6.ini file on my pc??

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    the zenOn6.ini file, depending on the zenOn version in use, is either stored in the Windows directory (up to zenOn 6.20 SP4) or in the %CD_SYSTEM% directory (zenOn 6.21 SP0 and higher).

    Please see for more information also this post:

    installation paths

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    Ausrufezeichen Re: Multiple monitors

    Is there any manual on how to make setting for multiple monitor?
    I have also monitors with different resolution. I am trying to make smaller size screen with same content and there is no option for resize!? 

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    Hello nedic,

    For Multimonitor you can use our zenon integrated help as well there is a checklist on the copadata homepage under the category support

    Tobias Ritschel

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    Böse Re: Multiple monitors

    I am not able to find zenon6.ini file. I have checked everything. 
    Is there any different location if you are using Windows10???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritschel93 View Post
    Hello nedic,

    For Multimonitor you can use our zenon integrated help as well there is a checklist on the copadata homepage under the category support

    Is this possible with monitors of different resolution. I have monitor 1920x1080 & 2731x1535.
    In all manuals I can see example of two monitors but with same resolution. Also in you aswer there is same resolution monitors! 
    How to set parameters in Zenon6.ini file if you have different resolutions?

    Thanks in advance!

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