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Thread: Display archived data in table

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    I am using zenon v7.0 SP0.
    How it is possible to display archived analog data in table format?
    Is it possible to define start and end time?

    I have another question!
    How it is possible to display data from SQL database in table?
    I am actually asking which datagrid control I can use. I tried with Microsoft Hierarchical FlexGrid Control, but unfortunately I can not placed it into a screen.
    If I have such grid ny means of ADO and VBA it shouldn't be a problem.


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    Hi yolov,

    Both are possible with the optional module "report generator".

    Displaying archived analog data is also possible using the optional module "report viewer".

    When you have evacuated your analog data from a historian into a SQL database through the archive configuration, the report viewer is also able to display this data without any further configuration. The runtime manages the collection of the data (local, from the SQL database, or both) and provides the data to the report viewer module.

    Best regards,

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