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Thread: Header Project flashing random colours

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    I am using Zenon 6.20 and normally if we have a pc fail onsite because we have them all raided we can swap out a harddrive, change its credentials and we can recovery fairly quickly. However the siemens box pcs that we use has gone from a IPC627B to a IPC627C so we cannot use a raid from the older B series.
    I had this issue so had to rebuild a new c series pc with Zenon 6.20 on it and i remotely transported the header / roof project with the sub projects over to it and started the runtime.
    Zenon run time boots up fine and you can select the sub projects and control various items, but the header project that displays all the sub projects has an issue where all the sub projects flash random colours like it is scrolling. It maybe red with ES in it , then after 10 seconds purple with RC-A and then yellow etc.

    Has anyone got any ideas on this please?

    Many Thanks

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    Hello smurfy,

    I assume that the runtime did not behave like this on the previous "b" systems, so the key is to find out what is different.

    One thing you could check is if on the "b" systems the exact same zenon version is installed. Perhaps a build setup was installed on the "b" systems, and on the "c" system the original release version of 6.20 is installed. You can check this e.g. by looking at the version in the file properties of e.g. zenrt32.exe.

    What you are describing sounds to me like something that is engineered in the project. Changin the color of a screen or displaying different texts is something that can be configure do for screens or elements respectively.

    So if the version is identical, have a look at the project. Is the exact same project running on the "b" system as on the "c" system? Or perhaps the integration (roof) project on the "b" system is newer or older.

    If you care certain that the same project is used, have a look at the project itself. In the integration project something is engineered / configured, that causes this behaviour. Find out the mechanism that changes the color / text, then determine when this happens, and from that derive why this might happen on the "c" system.

    It could be that this color change indicates a communication issue with one of the PLCs in the sub projects.

    If you need more help, please provide some more details, or consider contacting your local COPA-DATA support.

    Best regards,

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