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Thread: Exporting Report in .XLS

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    Default Exporting Report in .XLS

    Hello Everybody,

    I am creating a daily report by using Report generator option. Report is having LOGO and some other coloring.

    When I am trying to export the report, It is giving only three options like XML, XRS, TXT.

    If I export the report in TXT and open in XLS, I couldn't get the LOGO's and colors and all.

    Can You please guide me to get the exact report which is showing at runtime after exporting?

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    Hi navaneet,

    One idea is to print the report, and use a PDF printer that automatically creates a PDF file with a unique name. The software "PDFCreator" is one such program that could do this.

    An alternative may also be the report viewer.

    Exporting to a MS Excel file (.xls, .xlsx) is not possible.


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    Hello Mark,

    If I use report viewer, It is not possible to do the subtraction of different ARCHIVES in different column. (We have discussed in last thread).
    I know "PDF Creator" also. But if I need any small correction after creating report, It is possible by this way.
    Any way thank you for your reply. Please share me if you have any other ideas.

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