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    We have the following problem for 6.51:

    We have an extended trend on the screen. we are calling the function "Printdialog"
    We can see all the network printers in the printdialog.
    When we select a printer and klick "Ok" nothing more happens.
    We expect a hard copy coming out of the printer.

    WBR Søren Bro, Senmatic A/S

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    josefm Gast

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    have you ever checked your standard settings in the zenon Editor?
    In the menu you open "File -> Standard configuration -> Standard ..." (see screenshot "standard configuration - standard.png") and check the settings in there, recompile the runtime files and if needed also transfer them to the desired system.

    You can also create the function "Application -> Select Printer" (see screenshot "Functions - Application - Select Printer.PNG") and try this in the runtime.

    If both isn't serving a satisfying solution please let me know.

    Best regards
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails standard configuration - standard.png   Functions - Application - Select Printer.PNG  

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