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    we change often the IP address(communication between SCADA-PLC). We create a button that call configuration file(IEC870_IEC 60870-5-101_104.txt) and the operator can change the IP address. Of course we write that the new IP will take effect only after restarting application.
    but in fact, we find that the application don't make any change(when i restart, i open the configuration file IP was change) but the application still working on the old one. Only when we go to Zenon Editor and start application from there, without making any change, the IP Start to work.

    how come that happen?

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    Hi xeren,

    Very likely, you are changing the driver configuration file in the wrong path / directory.

    There is one file in the SQL directory, that the editor uses. There is another file in the runtime directory, that is put there by the editor on compiling the runtime files, which the runtime uses.

    The runtime only uses the runtime files in the runtime folder, and does not need the editor or the editor files.

    Watch the output window in the editor carefully, when you start the runtime from the editor, after you have changed the IP address. I think you will see that the driver configuration file is copied into the runtime directory. (when you start the runtime from the editor, automatically, all changed runtime files are compiled)

    When you use the correct path for editing the driver configurattion file it should work OK.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks mark,
    that was my mistake, as in devloppement's PC, i choose the right one, but in client PC i use the one for SQL.
    Now, I knows, thanks to you.
    Best regards

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