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    gh_ounie Gast

    Frage could and how

    could i transfer my project in PROTOOLS to Zenon scada and how؟

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    There is no direct import functionality for Pro-Tool applications. However, you can easily import the variables from any Step-7 project, with the advanced Step7 import wizard. This is giving you a good base for the project without any efforts. Using graphics or vector graphics, (PNG, JPG, BMP, WMF, DXF, PLT, etc. etc.) achieves fast results at creating the basic pictures.

    Without any programming, you can parametrize functions, dynamic elements, alarms, recipes etc. to create a basic project very fast.

    On the zenOn DVD a few short movies and several tutorials allow an easy introduction to zenOn.

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    gh_ounie Gast

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    thanks for your responding MarkClemens
    but could you be more spasific for example i want to put an address of this input I0.0
    how i could get this address in variables zenon editor
    and i'm sorry to trouble you

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    Default address

    If you have used the Step7 Import, normally the variables are imported and addressed automatically.

    You can of course also address your variables manually, in the properties window when you click on the variable.

    Depending on the driver being used, you may want to configure the addressing information according to one of the screenshots. Please mind the "Net-Address" which matches the station address in the driver configuration.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    gh_ounie Gast

    Default Re: could and how

    Hi MarkClemens
    is it true M 5.0 in step 7 become bit 40 in variables zenon editor

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    I'm not quite sure what you exactly mean. You can create for example 5 USINT (either PLC Marker or Datablock) variables with offset 0..4. You could also create 5x8 (=40) boolean variables and address them properly. Depending on what you want to do with these variables in zenOn.

    You may also want to send a detailed description of your issues and questions, including your Step7 project to:

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    gh_ounie Gast

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    in siemens step 7 i have this input Im.n as example
    :m reffer to byte number
    n reffer to bit number
    is it true
    put m in offset
    put n in bit number
    and in attachment you will find one function from my project how could i make addressing to variables .
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