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Thread: False Alarms on alarm list + reload not working when project name changed

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    mattsd Gast

    Default False Alarms on alarm list + reload not working when project name changed

    I have got a 150 alarm variables that are have an alarm limit set for limit 1('as alarm' and 'to acknowledge' only ticked) Limit 0 is the normal state and 'as alarm' not ticked on Limit 0.

    About 10% of them appear on the alarm list even though the alarm is not active in the PLC runtime.
    I've also put a Numerical Valve box on the alarm list page for one of these variables and Zenon shows that the alarm is not active = 0. Also when I cause that point to be in alarm state, it appears on the alarm list (now there are 2 alarms with the same name). When it is acknowledged and clears in the PLC, it does clear but not the original one that was displayed when the runtime was started. I did delete one variable, re-imported and it worked as expected. I don't want to do this to all of these false alarms.
    What can I try to get the alarms to work as expected

    Also last week I changed the project name (under General, project name). All is working ok apart from reload stopped working, as soon as I change back to the original name, the reload works - what else do I need to do to get the reload working when the project name is changed?

    Appreciated all your help


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    Default Re: False Alarms on alarm list + reload not working when project name changed

    please try and rename the "PC-Name" (Runtime data folder) directory, in your project runtime directory, and restart the runtime. There might be invalid alarms if you delete and re-create variables with the same name, in the alarmlist. By renaming, a new "alarm.bin" file will be created, for the alarms in memory.

    How are you reloading the project? Via remote-transport? Directly in the runtime, through a button?

    What happens when you reload? Normally the name of the project does not influence the reload functionality.

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    mattsd Gast

    Default Re: False Alarms on alarm list + reload not working when project name changed

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks I found the alarm.bin on the CE unit and renamed, a new one was created and now the alarm list doesn't contain these non alarm state alarms.

    With the reload,

    I usually reload with the button remote:reload project (as CE runtime) or via right click on project , project remote transport..

    Nothing happens when reload, when I change the project name back to original name, project_v001and press the reload button, for a split second, you can see a progress bar on the screen and any downloaded changes are then displayed.

    Yes the project folder is created as project_v001, if I rename this, another is created when files downloaded.

    Even when I do ' get remote system status, it says the runtime system project is project_v001 (even though I can see nowhere in the zenon development environment that shows myproject_v001, everywhere is 'project'

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    Default reload not working when project name changed


    I just tested the issue you described. This is one of the very few things, which requires a restart and does not work with a simple reload. After a restart, the reload will work again.

    I will have this documented. One other thing for example, is the runtime title. If this is changed, a restart is also necessary.

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