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Thread: DNP Driver Error...

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    Default DNP Driver Error...

    Hello Support.

    During My testing I got the following Error (Shown in attachment) while starting the Runtime.

    And these error will not be there .. if i uninstall and install the whole zenon again. then It work Fine.

    Can Anybody advice, why that error comes and what it means!!

    Waiting for Valuable Reply.

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    Default AW: DNP Driver Error...


    which Build version of zenon 7.00 are you using?
    There was a problem with the driver which is fixed in Build 4.

    Could you get in contact with your local support in order to get the Build setup?


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    Ausrufezeichen Re: DNP Driver Error...


    I Am using the Zenon 7.0 SP0 Build0 .. So if I use Build 4 , will solve my Problem.. !!!!!


    Waiting for kind Reply


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    Default Re: DNP Driver Error...

    Dear Dauji,

    You can search the knowledgebase for e.g. "DNP3" from the service site on our website to see which issues are addressed in the DNP332 and the DNP3_NG drivers in builds that are officially released.

    There was one issue where the driver closed with an unhandled exception with a PC in certain timezones, when the DNP3 outstatation sends an "invalid" timestamp for a DNP3 object of 01.01.1970. This is probably the issue that BernhardF is referring to.

    Although this could be the issue that you are facing, it is not possible to tell just from your screenshots, and it might be something different alltogether.

    If I'm not wrong, this issue is currently being looked at through the support ticket [TUS130604FVRB].

    A new generation DNP3 driver, "DNP3_NG" has been introduced with zenon 7.10 SP0, that includes more functionality than the DNP332 driver.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: DNP Driver Error...

    Hi Daujivar,

    The particular issue that I was referring to can be found by searching for the Article ID 138840, and is available from 7.00 SP0 build 6

    search knowledge base from service site

    best regards,
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    Default Re: DNP Driver Error...

    Thanks you Mark & Bernherd ..

    I will try this.. hope it solve my issue.


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