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Thread: Add a variable type 'byte'

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    I have a value of the type byte stored in my datablock. I'm working with siemens step7.
    Now i want to have this value on my screen.

    But when i want to add this variable i cannot choose the datatype byte.
    I can see it in the sub-tree 'datatypes'. But it is not shown in the 'wizard' when i want to add a variable. I only can see int,reals and unsigned int's.

    what am i missing or doing wrong? It seems to be a very basic datatype.

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    Hello Martijn,

    For a BYTE in the siemens S7, choose the USINT type (unsigned short integer, signal range 0-255)

    Or alternatively, you can use the SINT (signed integer, signal range -128-127).

    Did you know that you can actually Import your Step7 Project in zenon and automatically create all the required variables? That might save you quite a bit of work and helps avoid any mistakes

    -> from the context menu for the variables node, choose Extended Import / Export, and then Import S7 Project.

    Best regards,

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    Ok thanks for your the clarification. I know i could import but i prefer manualy adding the variable because of naming.

    Strange they call it an USINT since in the subtree variable there is an variable byte availeble. Anyway this will work also.

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