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Thread: Error Msg -Unlock Project from zenDB Admin

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    Ausrufezeichen Error Msg -Unlock Project from zenDB Admin

    Hi Support.

    I am facing a problem while creating a backup of a Project. Gives me a Error Msg as " Project Instance 'xxxx' is locked. you can unlock it from zenDB Admin."

    Can you please tell me how can I unlock it. ? ?

    Thanks for the Support(All the Thread I search related to it , did not give me correct idea to resolve it).


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    Default Re: Error Msg -Unlock Project from zenDB Admin

    Hello Daujivar,

    This post sounds very similar to a recent other thread, which may not be related at all:

    project database locked on create backup

    In this case, I would also suggest to contact your local COPA-DATA Support for further assistance and to determine what may have caused your database to be locked.

    Best regards,

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