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    I hope you can help me in the following problem too:

    I created a binary reaction matrix with two state with different function:

    1: Calls Function1 (Screen switch function to my alarm screen)
    0: Calls Function0 (Screen: return to last)
    And my "AlarmExists" boolean variable is using this reaction matrix. (PLC writes this variable)

    When I have alarms then AlarmExists = true.

    When I start RT I get the following error: Back is not possible as there is no screen path yet. I would like to stop getting this message when I start RT.

    In the project properties there is a Execute limit functions at RT start option. It is not good for me to unchecked it because if AlarmExists = true at RT starting then the screen switch doesn't happen.

    Could you suggest something to solve my problem?

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    Hi Peter,

    Have a look at the multi-binary reaction Matrix. Instead of executing the "Screen return to last" function on value "0", you can use a multi-binary reaction Matrix to execute this function on a falling edge (value changes from "1" to "0")

    Best regards,

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your suggestion, it solved my problem.


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