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    is there any possibility to create and send single command (for example, OPEN/CLOSE to circuit breaker), from "Zenon Standard Edition"?
    Here I dont have "Command" option in Project tree manager.
    I know that in Energy edition such possibility exists, but at the moment our budget is very tight, and we need only few commands for circuit breakers.

    Is there any script that can do the same thing?
    If so, please send me example.

    Please help.

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    Hi Tihomir,

    The Command Input module is available in the energy edition, and provides many more features than just writing the value to open or close a circuit breaker.

    Depending on the driver you may be able to write the value to open or close the circuit breaker without command input, but you would be doing it less secure, without feedback, and with much more engineering effort, that leaves more room for mistakes.

    I cannot help you with a script, but when you mention "single command", I assume you must send a pulse of a certain duration for the command, using the IEC870 driver?

    With the IEC870 driver, the single command pulse is controlled normally by the command Input module, and the proper COT (cause of Transmission) is set automatically, e.g. when using select before execute. In this case, I'm not sure if you would be able to actually achvieve that with a script.

    best regards,

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    Default Re: Standard Edition Commands

    Thanks for quick reply Mark.

    I use S7TCP-IP driver in my project.
    Two single point indication are used for feedback (CB open / CB closed).
    I need to send single command (depends of current state of CB) to open or close this CB.

    I know that Energy edition provides more features but like I said... at the moment we exceeded our budget.


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    When you are really committed to putting the added safety and security of the command Input aside, just have a look at the "write set value" function. With this function you can write a value to the PLC.

    When you say "single command", do you mean that the S7 PLC expects a pulse, rather than a latch? You would have to manually engineer two write set value functions with a corresponding time delay in order to create such a pulse.

    Best regards,

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