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    how to make a button that will start to flash when a new alarm appears?
    There are more then 100 alarms that trigger button flashing.
    What is easiest way to do it?


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    josefm Gast

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    Hi tihomir,

    do you need only 1 button that starts flashing when there is an alarm or do you ned per alarm a button that flashes?

    Best regards

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    I need 10 buttons (about 100 alarms trigger each button).

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    louis.paglaiccetti Gast

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    Hello Tihomir,

    We have in zenon many ways to animate elements based upon alarms. I think maybe what you are referring to is what we call usually screen alarming? By using the Alarm Areas and Alarm Classes, you can group each set of alarms logically. With the alarm classes, you can link internal status variables so at any time you can get the information whether there are Active Current Alarms, Unacknowledged Alarms, or no alarms at all within each of your 10 sets.

    The visualization of this can be done easily using the zenon Combined Element for each of your 10 needed buttons. This combined element could be linked to the internal status variable for the alarm area and it can also be configured also as a button. The Combined Element has the advantage that conditions can be added for the visualization.

    For example, the combined element is flashing red when there are active + unacknowledged alarms. The button is steady red when there are only unacknowledged alarms and the button is grey when no alarms exist for that alarm area.

    You can read more in the help zenon documentation at: Manual -> Alarms administration -> Configuring alarms -> Grouping of alarms.

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