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Thread: acknowledgment alarms

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    andoni Gast

    Default acknowledgment alarms

    acknowledgment alarms

    Dear Support,

    I have a little problem with the AML screen. I´ve been working with it without any problem, but I don´t know how, now, the alarms can't be acknowledged or deleted. the buttons are desactivated.

    the alarms came from a boolean variable with 1 as alarm, selected in the limits.

    I know it's maybe a triviality, but i don't find the solution.


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    josefm Gast

    Default Re: acknowledgment alarms

    Hi andoni,

    welcome to the COPA-DATA Forum

    Have you already created user limitations? Interlockings?
    Is it a test project that you can upload here?

    Best regards

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    andoni Gast

    Default Re: acknowledgment alarms

    thanks for the welcome,

    Sorry, but I´m not allowed to upload the proyect.
    I follow without finding the problem, I have restored some backups where the alarms run correctly, but now it doens´t work well.
    I don't have users limitations and the interlocks are independent from alarms.
    any Suggestion?

    lot of thanks


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    Join Date

    Default AW: acknowledgment alarms

    Hi Andoni,

    without a project it is hard to guess what you configured wrong.

    Basically I would suggest you read the AML topic in our documentation and maybe also go through the AML tutorial.

    It could be that there is a misconfiguration at your user levels for the function authorization under:
    - Project settings
    - User administration
    - Function authorizations
    - Check the authorization level for "Acknowledge alarm via screen AML" and all the others...


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    Default Re: acknowledgment alarms

    Hi andoni,

    Did you perhaps activate the Option "comment required" for the Alarm?

    Best regards,

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    andoni Gast

    Default Re: acknowledgment alarms

    Firstly, thank you all for your time in answering the question.

    eventually, as I couldn't find what was wrong. I've created a new workspace where I have open the project and everything runs correctly!

    So that, now, the problem is solved, but I follow without knowing wich was the misconfiguration.

    If I try again with the first workspace the problem appears again. strange, no?



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    Default Re: acknowledgment alarms

    Hi Andoni,

    I assume you test the runtime on the same system as the editor.
    When you create a new Workspace, and insert the existing Project, by Default the runtime files are in a different Directory (Sub Directory of the Workspace).

    This means that with the new Workspace you don't have all the previous historic alarms, as they are stored in the runtime Directory located as a subdirectory of the other Workspace.

    It seems that your issue is related not to the Project itself but to the runtime data.

    Please contact your local copa-data Support and provide them with the runtime data Folders and a copy of your Project backup for further Investigation.

    Best regards,

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