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Thread: get actual value of parameters from Start Program function

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    Default get actual value of parameters from Start Program function

    i'm using zenon 7.0 and my HMI need to call an executable program with parameters like, @alarm.stext and so on.

    My executable managed to detect and read the parameters but unable to get the actual values for that 3 zenon parameters.

    what is the correct way to get the actual value from the above 3 parameters in start program function ?

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    Default Re: get actual value of parameters from Start Program function

    Hi firdaus, and welcome to the forum!

    In the part in the help where the paramemeters are described for the start program function, it is mentioned that an alarm must be selected in the alarm list, for the parameters to have a value, and also when multiple alarms are selected, the parameters do not have a value.

    Have you selected an alarm in the list prior to executing the function?

    What is your final task that you would like to achieve? What is the function of the exsternal program and what shall the external program do with the parameters?

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: get actual value of parameters from Start Program function

    Hi. Thanks for your reply.

    Actually, what we trying to achieve is everytime there is an alarm, an sms will be sent to the operator.

    Right now, all our alarm use the same REMA. When the REMA status is on,it will trigger the start program function. We linked the start program function with an external program to send the sms.

    The external program should send the sms along with the alarm details. The problem is the external program cannot grab the alarm detail that we expect to get value from or @alarm.stext.

    Can you give us any suggestion to solve this?

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    Default Re: get actual value of parameters from Start Program function

    Hi Firdaus,

    Actually there is an optional module in zenon called "Message Control" that does exactly that. Send an e-maiil, text to speech, or text message, to an operator or group of operators, in case of an alarm, and allow inclusion of additional information like the alarm text.

    So as a solution I would suggest looking into this module

    To see that the parameters are working at the function, you can try starting e.g. notepad.exe from the windows directory instead of your external application. The alarm text should be the suggested filename.

    Basically, you would need to modify the external application, so that it correctly accepts the parameters that zenon provides.

    Best regards,

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