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    i'm new zenon user,
    I need to display Text value (in place of int value) on Synoptics
    Like :
    DI : ON/OFF in place of 0/1
    AI : 0 : Stop / 1: Auto / 2:Manual / 3 :Security
    AI (bit oriented)
    Bit 0: None
    Bit 1: Very Low Alr
    Bit 3: Low Alr
    4 = Very Low + Low


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    To simply display a text for a certain value you could use the dynamic element "link text" which simply displays the limit text of a variable.
    Therfore you create a limit for each value an give them the according limit text which will be shown within the dynamic elemtn "link text".

    Another possibility is to use the dynamic element combo/listbox where you can also set the values according.

    Please take a look to the online help, simply press F1 within the zenOn Editor, where you get a clear description of the functionality of the elements.

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    I switch the Editor to English: Help in french it's less comprehensive.

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