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    I am working on a substation automation project.

    We have one Substation where there is 1 Client. (this client has zenOn EE Server License). (We are using IEC61850)

    We have one CCR where we have 2 x Servers i.e, Server 1 and Server 2.

    In the Project Network Settings I have defined Main Server = Server 1 and Standby Server = Server 2.

    If Server 1 fails then client in the Substation is connected to Server 2 (Standby Server).

    I would like to know is it possible that Client in the substation also act as Standby Server if Server 1 and Server 2 in the CCR fail?

    If yes, how can we achieve this?

    I would also like to know how the redundancy of Main Server and Standby Server is working in zenOn? Do both of these Servers are connected to the Hardware at the same time ?
    Standby is only connected to the Hardware when Main Server Fails?


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    Hi Salmanhassan,

    The zenon redundancy allows the server to fail, where the standby server will automatically take over all the functions of the server. This happens without loss of any process values, alarms, etc. For this it is necessary that both the server and the standby server have an active connection to the hardware. The server distributes the values to the client and also the standby server. The standby server keeps the active connection to make sure no vaules / alarms etc. are lost when the server fails. On a server failure it will e.g. populate the historian with any received values that the server did not enter since it failed, or generate alarms that the server did not generate since it failed.

    Currently, it is only possible to have one standby server. A client either needs a connction to the server or to the standby server. With modern redundant networks and redundant server hardware etc. it should not happen too often that both the server AND the standby server are down (normally not at all!)

    In an emergency scenario, provided you have the required license, you could close the client runtime, temporarily disable the network in the editor, and start the client as a standalone project. When the server or standby comes back online, you could enable the network again. Note, that no alarms or historian entries will be taken over by the server or the standby server from the client that was running standalone.

    Another option you could look into, is to define the PC in the substation either as the server or the standby server, and the other PC in the CCR as a client. If this is possible for you, depends on your requirements and configuration.

    Best regards,

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