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Thread: Extended trend - last day with round hours

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    Default Extended trend - last day with round hours


    I am trying to set the extended trend to present last day, but with round hours at the time grid. It is not a problem if I set it manualy with absolute time - for example:

    current time is 10.40.
    I want to show last day but to the end of current whole hour.
    I can set the absolute time from 27.1.2013 11.00 to 28.1.2013 11.00.
    The diagram is shown correcly - the grid is on whole hours and the last 20 minutes are not filled in yet.

    But when I click this function after a day, it will still represen the same set absolute time, which will be 1 day behind the last day.

    With all possible options I do not know how to create apropriate time filter to show last day with round hours.

    Additionally I would like to present time on the time axis without seconds - is this possible?

    See attached screenshot.

    Thanks for any suggestion!

    Best regards!

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    Default Re: Extended trend - last day with round hours

    Hi Jurij,

    See the screenshot below. To get rid of the seconds, you simply need to untick one checkbox.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ETM_filter1.PNG
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    In regard to viewing the past day, you can shift the time period that is shown in the trend, with the "one day" time filter, by entering a negative number.

    It is not exactly as you need it, as it would show the whole previous day, but it may be a start for further testing of settings.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ETM_filter2.PNG
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    best regards,

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