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Thread: VBA and Microsoft Access

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    bjoerndavid Gast

    Default VBA and Microsoft Access

    I need to transfer data from a Access table to certain tags in Zenon. How can I do this in VBA?

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    Default Re: VBA and Microsoft Access

    Do you want to do this via MSAccess VBA or from zenOn VBA?

    Due to zenOn provides a VBA interface for external applications realizing this from MSAccess VBA should be not a big deal.

    Btw: which zenOn version / MSAccess version do you use?

    Looking forward for your answer.


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    bjoerndavid Gast

    Default Re: VBA and Microsoft Access

    Hello Herbert
    Thank you for responding. I have almost solved the problem. I have got the the VBA-code in Zenon from a friend. I use the Zenon Ver 6.2 and Access 2002. Export the table in access to a txt-file and read with a VBA in Zenon. But I still have a problem with exporting from Access. There is a macro-fasility for sending data in access with txt-options, but this does not generate the right data-structure in the txt-file. Export the datatable manually makes the right structure in the exported file. You might have a tip?

    Regards Bjørn David

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