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Thread: Replacing links for Variables, Functions and Screens

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    I have made a project in which the name of variables, functions and screens starts with SS440-XXXXX. This project is for Substation 440.
    We are using IEC61850 driver.
    Now I have to make another project for Substation 450. Both of these substations are identical.I want to avoid remapping, creating new functions and screens.So in this project all the variables,functions and screens should have name SS450-XXXXX.
    For variables I exported all of them in CSV and replaced SS440 by SS450.
    I tried to replace the same for functions and screens using XML editor, but the XML file for screens is so large that it is unable to complete the link replacement.
    Could you please advise me any simple procedure so that I can replace the links for variables, screens and functions easily and avoid remapping?
    Let me know if anything confusing in the above explanation.

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    I think the simplest way would be to use for the files with screens some stronger XML editor (i'm sure in Internet you will find something) or just to use some TEXT editor handling large files. Probably even standard WordPad from Windows would manage this replace.

    By importing xml files it is important to do it in the right order, e.g. to have already variables and functions a screen is referring to. There is already the 'XML Import Wizard', which can probably help you.

    If you are planning to duplicate your project to more substations also more times in the future, then maybe a good idea would be you write some own VBA/VSTA Wizard doing this renaming job? It is not just Energy topic, it is something that the System Intergators in general are prepering to shorter preparation of projects for their end-customers.

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    You can simply use the functionality "project save as" which will create a copy of the project as a new project, with a new name.

    Then simply use the built-in function "replace text in selected column" from the context menu in the detail view or from the toolbar (e.g. variables, functions, screens) to replace "SS440" with "SS450"

    Note, that when you change variable names and identification that you access in modules where only the name is stored as a string (e.g. VBA, command processing, linked symbols) you need to perform the name change here as well.

    Hope this helps!

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