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    I have a requirement where i need to flash an element(say a rectangle) when there is any alarm under a feeder(each feeder has approximately ten variables). The flashing should stop when the alarm is acknowledged. The rectangle should be visible until the alarm under that feeder is cleared. Once the alarm is cleared and is acknowledged the rectangle should not be visible in the screen.
    Could you please suggest a way to meet this requirement?


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    You could use the alarmareas for you purpose. For example create one alarmarea per feeder and add all ten variables to that alarmarea.
    Alarmareas offer 3 statusvariables. One indicating the number of active alarms, one indicating the number of unacknowledged alarms and the third one is a combination of both.

    After creating these variables you can define limits for them. Create limits for the "number of active alarms" and the "number of unacknowledged alarms" which monitor if the value is unequal zero.
    Now you can link the variables in the properties of the rectangle for visibility and blinking and define to take over the limit properties.


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    For example create one alarmarea per feeder and add all ten variables to that alarmarea.
    How to add variables to Alarm area?


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    select all variables which you want to add to a specific alarm area then go to:
    Properties -> Alarm handling -> Configure the alarm area

    Best regards

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