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Thread: Analyzing IEC850 data log in Diagnosis Viewer

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    Default Analyzing IEC850 data log in Diagnosis Viewer


    I would like to know how can we check whether we are getting data by Polling or Reporting from Diag Viewer?
    Which settings for Client/Server are required plus which columns needs to be selected to view polling or reporting data on IEC850.
    Currently we are checking the Reporting by RptEnabled tag value.

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    Default Re: Analyzing IEC850 data log in Diagnosis Viewer

    To check which reports are enabled by read of RptEna attributes from their RCBs is absolutely simplest way but it is reliable only when there is only one, single Client communicating with this IED (Server). Else you see that the report is enabled but you don't know by which Client.

    In DiagViewer you can configure logging levels of the driver only when driver task currently runs (Runtime runs or in Editor the driver configuration is open). According the configuration made in DiagViewer the LOG file will be stored on HDD and at the same time (or afterwards) can be viewed in DiagViewer. To turn on view of all columns use right click on column headers.

    In LOG file the information about enabling of reports the driver (iec850 Client) logs on level MSG; the text in column 'General text' is "Trying to enable xxx on device yyy", where xxx is e.g. LLN0$BR$brcbA01.
    When the Server acknowledges enable of the RCB, the driver logs MSG with text "Successfully enabled xxx on device yyy" and next logs on level DEBUG the list of data objects which will be then reported (so not polled anymore): text "Disabled ST polling for zzz on device yyy", where zzz is e.g. */XCBR1$ST$Pos

    When the Server refuses to enable report the driver logs received ERROR.

    Please note, that when you configure driver to take particular RCB but this RCB has wrong definition of data set, the report will be enabled but some objects must be still polled. Frequent mistake is when report's data set contains data attributes (in scl-file: da=stVal). Correct data set should have whole data objects (only 'do' item, no 'da' item in DatSet). By such mistake in scl-file the driver will enable report but objects will be still polled as the report does not give their timestamp and quality information.
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    Default Re: Analyzing IEC850 data log in Diagnosis Viewer

    Thanks for your detailed reply.

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