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Thread: IF/ELSE statements

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    Default IF/ELSE statements

    I want to use IF and ELSE statements, but I don't want to use VBA code.
    I have 2 variables. If the first variable value is 1 then the second's variable value shouldn't be editable.
    Also I want to create a blinking button which blinks only then, if there are not acknowledged alarms.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: IF/ELSE statements

    Hi Dario,

    For your first requirement, take a look at the interlockings. Here you can specify a boolean formula where you can acces the variabel value.

    You can use the interlocking you created at the element for variable 2, to automatically disable any input on the element, depending on the variable value of variable 1.

    For your second requirement, there is a variable of the system driver "Alarms not acknowledged", which shows the number of unacknowledged alarms!

    Best regards,

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