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    I want to make an alarm list with filter options. I attached a picture how it should look. Any ideas how to make this? I select check boxes and then press a filter button. Then all alarms are shown in the list.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Dario.

    Please read through the zenon help topic "Alarms administration". Especially the subtopic "Filter for Alarm Message List screen switching" will provide you all the needed information!


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    I tried to make such kind of screen, but it was impossible. I find the only why to do this, it is to open Alarm Message List screen and Alarm List Filter screen at the same time. Is there any possible to lock different screens or different frames in one screen?
    Are there other possibilities to create needed screen, which I have shown above?

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    Hi dario.

    When you open both screens in the same frame it won't work as the actual screen is closed when a new screen having the same frame is opened.
    You need to define different frames for both screens. So for example you have one frame in the upper third of your monitor. This frame is used for the Alarm message list filter screen. Now you define another frame covering the 2 lower thirds of the screen, this frame is used for the alarm message list.

    Now you need to define screenswitch functions for both screens. One is linked to the button which opens the alarming screen, the other one is linked as "start function" of the opened screen.

    This way you can display the filters and the alarm list itself in one monitor and the user only has to press one button to get there.
    Attached you will find a screenshot of my runtime where I used the above mentioned method.
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    I have allready done this, but the screens should be linked (fixed with each other) and look like they are in the one screen. Also this screen should be movable. I want to use titlebar, where you can find standart Minimize, Resize and Close buttons too. Any suggesions for that?

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    I fear that is not easily possible.

    For moving multiple screens at one time you theoretically could use VBA/VSTA code, but you won't get a minimize/maximize/resize functionality.

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    maybe you know how to write VBA/VSTA code to use needed funcionality? Or maybe have some examples?

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