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Thread: Variable Datafield event Update

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    Is there a way to manually update my datafield using a certain event?
    I have a string variable that is manipulated in the PLC and I want to display the value only when the PLC gives the order .
    My problem is that this string variable is always updated by the PLC and sometimes the display in the runtime doesnt show the complete string ,
    ie: if my string is 'ABCD' it sometimes shows AB, ABCD,... depends on time that the zenon gets the variable.

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    If I correctly understood, you could allocate the PLC string variable (source) to a zenon string variable (target) when the trigger condition in the PLC occurs (trigger). The value of the target variable is the one you see in the runtime, after assign it to a dynamic text element, for example.
    It is possible to do Allocations under the Variables module in zenon workspace. There you can define Source, Target and Trigger variables, as well, the trigger type (i.e. Edge or Gage). If you donít define a trigger variable the allocation it will be done automatically everytime the source variable changes.

    Let us know if it worked!

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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    hi david,
    Thanks a lot for your help, yes this works for me .
    so now i have to create an internal variable image for every PLC variable and assign an allocation function for this variable.
    Best regards
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