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Thread: IEC60870 Driver Communication Status

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    Default IEC60870 Driver Communication Status

    Hi, we have tried to discover an IEC60870 driver variable that tells us that the communication with the RTU is not OK .In the help we have read that some drivers don't give this information and we haven't found such a variable. żIs there any variable that we are unaware of its existence and can give us this information?


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    In version 7:
    zenon Help -> Driver -> IEC870 -> Driver-specific functions -> Status of the DL layer

    in previous versions just look for "T00".

    In iec870 driver these variables are not "driver variables" but "plc makers".

    When you online import variables from a Slave the driver proposes to create also T00 variables (internal state) and T100 (general interrogation command).

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