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Thread: RDA archive functionality for the STRATON driver

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    Default RDA archive functionality for the STRATON driver

    How does the RDA functionality for the STRATON driver work?
    In zenOn the archive is defined as a standard RDA archive. The RDA archiving requires a linear memory area in the PLC, which is realized with an array in STRATON. This array must contain the appropriate RDA header + archive data (would be done with the STRATON project). In zenOn, only the Index [0] of this array may be activated and marked as an RDA variable. If the array Index [0] is set to 1, the corresponding values are read out from STRATON.

    description of the example project:
    The "Temp_RDA_xxx" are help variables for setting the values easily from the zenOn picture (for the demo). The values normaly are written in STRATON from a PLC programm.
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    Default Re: RDA archive functionality for the STRATON driver (6.22)

    attached is the RDA sample for zenOn 6.22 SP0. An new object type "RDA Memory" has been added in 6.22 SP0 for the STRATON driver.


    find below the necessary steps to convert existing projects which already use the RDA mechanism with normal PLC marker variables:

    1. zenOn Project tree item "STRATON"  right click  "Import external STRATON projectů"

    2. Select the SQL STRATON path of the existing STRATON project
    (e.g. c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\COPA-DATA\SQL\\FILES\straton\Project0)

    3. A copy of the project with a new driver but without STRATON-profiled variables will be created
    4. Select all STRATON variables in the zenOn Editor and change the Setting Addressing  Driver from the old driver to the new driver
    Whether the STRATON variables lose their prefix (Project/Area/Variable name) just click into the cell of the variable name in the variable list. The prefix will be set automatically then. The references to dynamic elements or archives will not get lost.

    5. Select the RDA array variables and change the driver object type to "RDA Memory"

    6. Check all connections and port settings of the STRATON project and also of the STRATON driver

    7. Open and recompile the STRATON project

    8. You can delete the old STRATON project and the referring driver

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