I'm trying to open the driver configuration of e.g. the IEC870 driver or the IEC850 driver, but I receive an errormessage in the editor and the driver configuration does not pop up. What can I do?
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Also in addition to the above screenshot, also the error "0x715" may appear

Please check the installation directory to see if there is a subdirecty with the exact same name as the drivers executable name. In case of the IEC60870 driver, the driver executable is "IEC870.exe". If a directory with the name "IEC870" exists in the installation directory, this error will appear.

If there is no directory with the same name, please check if all required software is installed. Some drivers rely on OS components, which are not installed by default, or rely on third-party software. See the driver documentation for more information.

In case of the IEC850 driver, make sure that XMLlite is installed on your PC. (xmllite.dll in the \windows\system32 directory. If this is not the case please download the component from Microsoft.

If the driver does not need additional software, no directory with the same name exists, the service "zenadminsrv" is running and has been started in the system context, please re-register the COM component of the OS by executing: (Start -> Run) (You might need administrator rights)

regsvr32 c:\windows\system32 ole32.dll
regsvr32 c:\windows\system32 oleaut32.dll