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Thread: Zenon 6.51 license vs. Demo mode

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    Default Zenon 6.51 license vs. Demo mode


    I have some trouble in uploading the HMI program created in Zenon 6.51(license editor + runtime) to the Windows CE 6.0 Brodersen RTU32. I have already installed the Remote Runtime Update for version 6.51.0.
    Whenever I established remote connection and input the serial and activation number which we purchased(zenon runtime 6.51 version) it says "Compatibility: 'Not Guaranteed' - Please make sure the that the Runtime files are created for a matching version !" .So when I continue uploading the HMI program and run remotely it starts in DEMO mode.
    I notice the remote version when I established connection is 7.0.0.The same version when I run remote runtime update. Is this the correct version or it should be 6.51?
    Can you give us some help?


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    Default Re: Zenon 6.51 license vs. Demo mode

    Dear Ron,

    have you already checked the file version of the zenonRCE.exe in your COPA-DATA\CE\ folder ?
    Are you also using 7.00 in house? The question now it, if you're using 6.51 editor and runtime how could it happen, that the zenon 7.00 runtime is on the device.
    If you have a license for zenon CE 6.51 you should also transfer the runtime files via the UpdateCE tool from the version 6.51 editor. If you don't have zenon CE installed for 6.51 you should be able to download it on the homepage or contact the sales responsible.

    Best regards

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    I have Zenon 7.0 editor and runtime before but downgraded to 6.51 because of long time response issue.

    I have Zenon 6.51 editor and runtime plus the WIndows Update CE for 6.51. I used to tranfer runtime files using this Update CE.

    You are correct the version is different. ”SysSrvCE.exe” is different version installed on RTU. The Flash card and the files insde on it came from brodersen is version 7.0.I just replace the files with version 6.51.

    Thank you for support


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