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Thread: Pop up screen

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    It is possible to create a pop up screen (window) which shows the newest alarm with its details? Also, in this screen must be an acknowledgment button to acknowledge an alarm. A comment field is also required in this screen. This pop up screen has to be immediately shown when a new alarm is gotten. This screen can be closed when alarm is acknowledged and a comment is written.


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    josefm Gast

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    Hi Dario,

    as far as I know you can create a frame. For this frame you define in the properties a border. Then you can create an MDI alarm screen on this frame.
    Now if an alarm appears (e.g. you set the function when a limit is reached or in the reaction matrix) you just use the screen switch function to open the picture.

    For the closing issue I have no clue, as I don't know how to get the information if a comment was set AND the alarm was acknowledged.

    Best regards

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    Default Re: Pop up screen

    MDI alarm screen? What does MDI mean? Where I can find this?

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    josefm Gast

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    Hi dario,

    the MDI alarm screen you can define in the properties of screens.
    In zenon this property is named "Screen type" and is usually set to standard. There you can also select the alarm message list (and alarm message list filter).

    Best regards

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    as Josefm mentions zenon Screens can have a special type. Normally you use the Type "Standard" where you simply engineer/draw all yourself.

    The screens with special Types set are also called MDI window.
    E.g. the Screen of type "Alarm Messge List" is often called Alarm MDI window or similar.

    For each screen type there are predefinded elements (buttons, lists, etc.) available which adapted for the functions.
    For example in screen type Alarm Message List all objects are available which are necessary to display and filter alarms and this can be imported into the window with one click through the menu.
    Menu -> Control elements -> Insert Template ( since 7.00)
    Menu -> Control elements -> Default ( before 7.00 )

    In addtion MDI windows also offer "Screen type specific functions" which can be added to Buttons in an MDI window only.

    Hope this clearifies a bit the mystic about MDI windows.

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    Default Re: Pop up screen

    Thanks for explanation.

    But still I don't know how to create automatical pop up screen. The screen must be opened every time when a new alarm is generated.

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    josefm Gast

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    Hi dario,

    yeah, this is possible via the properties. I don't know how you've created your alarms, if you entered them directly to every variable limits or in a reaction matrix. But on both you can add a function in the properties, that is executed every time when the alarm appears. Just add it to the desired limit definition, the screen switch function and it will work

    Best regards

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    Default Re: Pop up screen

    I am using reaction matrix. I tried to use sreen switch function in reaction matrix, but in runtime nothing happens. What I do wrong?
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    Default AW: Pop up screen

    Hi dario.

    You activated the property "Call via button in AML". This configuration defines that in the AML first the button "Execute function" has to be pressed before the function is executed. When you deactivate this property the function should be executed immediately without user interaction.

    Further you set the property "treat each change of value as new limit violation". Please be aware that now every change is treated as limit violation as the name of the property already says! Now every change of the value will trigger the limit and not only the states you configured!


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    Default Re: AW: Pop up screen

    Thank you very much. You really helped me

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