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Thread: I have issues with the C# WebBrowser class

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    Default I have issues with the C# WebBrowser class

    I have issues with the C# WebBrowser class

    I have a C# WPF application which uses a WebBrowser class. I have overwritten the LoadComplete method. The question I have is this. This method is supposed to be triggered when the class has completed a load, but , when I put a breakpoint on this method, it is called before the class visually has compleded a load. Because of this, the htmldata is not complete. Any ideas?

    Maybe there is a different method I should overide. LoadComplete might not be the best choice. Maybe there is something that is the same as a "display complete".

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    martins Gast

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    puuuuuh, this is some issue that I don't know a lot about because I haven't tried something like this yet.

    One thing you could do: take a look at some other controls - because what I could find now at first, the WebBrowser control is not a very sophisticated one. I googled and I found that here. Maybe this could be an option for you?

    Other ideas I would have would be some dirty timer which I trigger after some time has elapsed. It throws an event on which I could react then and trigger further execution of my code. Very dirty, I think it could work, not very nice though...

    best regards,

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