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Thread: Context menu with authorization level

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    Default Context menu with authorization level


    is it possible to disable the visualization of a context menu for an unauthorized user?

    I know I can lock all the elements of the context menu according the authorization level, but the menu is still visible.
    I need to avoid showing it if the user is not allowed to use it.


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    Hi Fabio,

    This is not directly possible. The context menu is linked and will therefore be called from the button.

    As you mentioned yourself, it is possible to set an authorization level for the context menu entries. You can also link an interlocking at menu entries as well.

    You can display graphics / bitmaps at the menu entry indiating that the user does not have sufficient rights or an interlocking is active. Perhaps this is a solution?

    Another possibility would be to place a button on top of the button with the context menu, that is identical except for the context menu link, and set this button invisible when the user with authorization logs in. (the normal user has the normal button on top, for the priviliged user the top button is invisible and the button below with the context menu can be operated)

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Cnotext menu with authorization level

    Thank you for the suggestions!
    The last one should work fine for my needs.


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