Where does zenon is being installed to since zenOn 6.21 SP0.
Since zenOn 6.21 SP0 the application is installed into different, Vista compatible, places.
The program itself is still being installed to C:\Programme\COPA-DATA .

All Configuration files ( *.ini) are now located in the SYSTEM folder of the central data storage path.

All zenOn ProgramData files ( *.sym, *.frm, *.xrs, *.qrf, *.sql, *.vba, *.xml, *.txt) are located in the folder which is named like the zenOn Version e.g. zenOn621 of the central data storage path.

In the SQL folder of the central data storage path the projects are stored, by default.

Central data storage path:

We must differntiate between Windows VISTA and Windows XP ( or non Windows VISTA)

Windows XP:
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\COPA-DATA

Windows Vista:

Since 6.21 SP1 new environment variables are created on installation.


This environment variable can be used within the Windows Explorer by simply typing e.g. %CD_SYSTEM% into the address bar. On ENTER you will find yourself directly within the SYSTEM folder!