Dear support,
I'm a new Zenon user, and I hope this is the right place to write. I've started using Zenon for importing some Wit RTU with an OPC Driver.
I've noticed that OPC is a bit hard to configure, but I've got a problem that you may solve.
I've read a lot of white paper everywhere, but the best was from Matrikon website: these helps me to configure dcom on my server (it's a Windows 2008 R2 x64 Server).
With my PC (a Windows XP 32bit machine) it all works, with the Matrikon I can browser the server and look for OPC alias and even with zenon I can browse it.
The real problem come now. Last week our IT Service change my machine to a new Windows 7 x64 machine. The problem is that from an old PC with Matrikon I can still connect to te server and browse for alias, but with my new machine no. I've tested a Window 7 x86 machine and I can still connect and see variables on the server. It seem that the x64 for the client give some problems.
Do you have some advice for overcoming this problem?
Thank you for any help and best regards